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Primitus Verbum (First Word)


Wow. I’m actually writing my first ever blog entry. And yes, I’m like this because this really is my first time to post an entry on my very own blog (also, if I remember correctly, this is only the second blog post I’ve ever written my entire life).

Anyway, ever since the dawn of free DSL I have developed the habit of surfing the Net everyday and so I get to see a lot of stuff online. I read blogs (which reminds me, I have two friends who have blogs here in WordPress as well, please check them out if you’ve got the time: and, news websites, sports websites, music billboards, and I also watch various stuff online such as US-based television programs—my top two as of late are NCIS and House—that I can’t watch on our home television because we don’t have cable.

In any case, the reason behind this whole undertaking is a simple one: I have come to understand my moral obligation as a writer and as a student of the liberal arts. Therefore, I must:

—speak the truth;

—share what I know;

—entertain and provoke;

—say what I have in mind; and

—stand up for what I believe in.

Also, I’ve encountered a tad too many blogs that have absolutely no rationality in them whatsoever, so this is my way of fighting back and making sure I give my fair share of good sense and knowledge to the rest of the world.

No doubt, the Internet is an amazing tool for the advancement of humanity. The amount of information shared through the web every year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and second is colossal. Sadly, if we bother to look around online, we find a lot of crap almost everywhere. If you know exactly what I’m talking about, hopefully this blog would serve as a refuge where you can stay and safeguard your sanity and rationality.

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  1. 3.November.2009 2:27 pm


    Kuya Jedo!


  2. 12.November.2009 11:17 am

    I understand the reason why you’re starting this and I agree with you. I have always believed that if you know deep inside you that you have something to say that is worth listening to or at least, considering, then go say it. So I give you full support over this. I’ve always wanted to do this. But then everytime I start a blog, I end up talking about myself which goes beyond the entire point of having something to say that people would be interested about. Maybe I can start doing it again. Maybe this time I’ll succeed. Haha. And when I do, I’d have you to thank. *wink*

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