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Allison Cameron


House's Dr. Allison Cameron, played by Jennifer Morrison (Credit:

When a good person dies, there should be an impact on the world.

Somebody should notice.

Somebody should be upset.

~Dr. Allison Cameron (House Season Two, Episode One)

* * *

I’ve known for quite some time now that Jennifer Morrison is leaving hit TV show House after a long run of six seasons.

(Some might argue that in reality, she’s only had three, maybe four full seasons at most, especially if you consider her being relegated to taking the backseat in terms of the number of scenes she’s had and how she’s been a non-factor to the main plot of the individual episodes or even the whole season.)

In fact, I’ve known for so long that I’ve acted as some sort of bringer of ill news to some of my friends who are also House fanatics, when during our conversations I forget to filter some of the spoilers that I’ve researched about the current season.

And yet, after seeing her last

(although this isn’t really her last, since she’s going to be a guest in the show later this season, or so the producers assure us)


(well, because this episode did revolve around her and Chase)

episode (608: Teamwork), I still felt the immense pain of losing the character (and the actress too, of course) because of some f***ing creative decision made by none other than our beloved producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs, as well as by the writers of the show, I presume.

When you think about it—and I mean when you think real hard about it—this is the third time that Cameron has left House’s team: first, in Season One, during Vogler’s reign; the second, in the Season Three finale when House’s team left him en masse; and now. This is exactly why Lisa Edelstein’s (Cuddy) joke on set was not mindless—it was actually quite brilliant. And yes, maybe the third time’s the charm. Maybe she is leaving the show for good—not that I want that.

It’s just so sad when you think about all the upcoming episodes, with the certainty that you won’t be seeing Cameron—brunette or blonde—at all. Sure, her contract with House (the TV show, not the man) doesn’t expire until the end of this season, and the news tells us that she’s still going to make an appearance on the show before season’s end as a guest star, but what about after this season? More importantly, where does this leave us House fans?

I’m pretty sure that Cameron is one of the most loved characters on the show, though I do know a lot of people who hate her, and yes, I’m sounding contradictory, but this is something easily explained. Cameron fans (such as myself) go crazy over her ethical standpoint in the practice of medicine, her unmatched hotness on the show (sorry, 13 and Cuddy fans), and her acting prowess (again, sorry Olivia and Lisa). On the other hand, Cameron haters simply do not like her because to them, she’s boring, dull, and her character is flat-out uninteresting (I beg to differ). And yet, it is interesting to note that these Cameron haters hate 13 and Cuddy more—which means they’d prefer to have Cameron stay on the show instead of 13 or Cuddy.

So, the real score: both Cameron fans and the not-so Cameron fans are now in outrage as the reality of her being gone from the show has finally hit the fan. Now we realize that that powerful, poignant scene between House and Cameron could very well be her last.

(Man, that scene left my jaw hanging! Jennifer Morrison could not have acted out that scene any better. And of course the ever-brilliant Hugh Laurie delivered his usual best. I kept on playing that scene over and over again because Jen’s acting was superb. Wow. There’s something about the way she delivered the lines, her facial expression, her movements… I’m at a loss for words to describe it precisely.)

At any rate, what’s done is done. My sincere hope, being a Cameron fan myself, is that the outrage that House fans feel across the globe gets to David Shore and Katie Jacobs, hereby making them (and the writers) change their minds about this creative move.

When a good character dies,

(technically, Cameron wasn’t killed off the show a la Kutner, but metaphorically, the character is dead on the show)

there should be an impact on the world.

(in this case, we should see an impact on the show in the upcoming episodes, whereas the impact is already felt by countless House fans all over the world)

Somebody should notice. Somebody should be upset.”

I noticed… and I’m pretty upset.

Aren’t you?

* * *

Related Facts

Here are some of the things I was able to find today after researching about Jen Morrison:

—That joke Lisa Edelstein made on set: (to Jen) How come your character keeps leaving and coming back?

—Jesse Spencer and Jen Morrison broke off their engagement two years ago, in August 2007. If I’m right, the split happened and was publicly made known while House was on hiatus right after Season 3 and right before the start of Season 4 (Funny that I only found out about this today. I’m two years behind on showbiz news! Not that I mind).

—Jen is currently dating Amaury Nolasco (Sucre of Prison Break). I don’t think they look well together… no offense to Amaury, I just want Jen for myself. Hehe.

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