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My Top 10 Hottest / Sexiest Women of Television Drama



My January is far from Janu-weary, thanks to the return of NCIS, Chuck, and House from hiatus (NCIS returned on the 5th, Chuck on the 10th, and House on the 11th). And what better way to celebrate than to make a tribute to my top ten hottest/sexiest women of television?

Like my previous top ten list, this is my way of keeping my neurons in tip-top shape, while I can hardly keep myself from dying in anticipation for the return of one other show that I watch with religious fervor: 24—Season 8 starts today!

Again, like my previous top ten list, I had wanted to rank the women from hot to hottest or vice versa, but I am now in the opinion that doing so is not only pointless, but also a tremendous waste of time. Thus, to provide order, I arranged the women alphabetically (just like what I did last time).

As before, the women in this list are my top ten hottest/sexiest women, only this time, I’m talking television instead of movies.

* * *

My Top 10 Hottest / Sexiest Women of Television


Annie Wersching (Credit:

If you’re a big fan of Fox’s hit show 24, then surely you’ve feasted your eyes on Annie Wersching, who gives life to 24 heroine FBI agent Renee Walker, a figuratively smoking hot redhead, who, incidentally, is constantly at the end of a literally smoking hot Glock that just shot down an impressive number of terrorist dirt bags. I just can’t help but give her props: for keeping up with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) while keeping herself good-looking—two tasks that’s nearly impossible to do simultaneously.

But if you’re someone who’s been watching a lot of good shows on TV across genres, then you’ve probably seen Annie in other shows such as Journeyman, Boston Legal, Cold Case, Supernatural, Frasier, Charmed, Company Man, and General Hospital, to name a few.

By the way, I just realized: Annie Wersching and Bryce Dallas Howard have more than two things in common: both being sultry redheads and appearing as the first entry in my two top ten lists (so far). Both have also performed as Rosalind in As You Like It—Bryce in the Broadway production and Annie in the Albert Taylor Theatre production. Huh. Now isn’t that something?

Interesting Facts About Annie:

—Has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre degree, and yes, she is quite the impressive singer—soprano with low belt, in fact.

—First TV appearance was on Star Trek: Enterprise episode Oasis as Liana.

—Can speak several dialects, including Irish, Standard British, and Cockney.

—Special talents include: being able to contort her face, burping on cue (Amazing! I wish I could burp on cue.), Irish dancing, and playing tin whistle.

COTE DE PABLO (Maria José de Pablo)

Cote de Pablo (Credit:

While Paz Vega alone provides the Latina Heat for my top ten hottest/sexiest movie stars, this list features two Latinas: the first Latina hottie being Cote de Pablo, whose claim to fame is her role in NCIS as former Mossad Liaison Officer now Probationary Special Agent Ziva David, who, by the way, can kill a person eighteen different ways with a paperclip. Now that’s the type of sexy that’s killer.

For NCIS fans who haven’t studied up on Cote, you should know that she’s actually Chilean-American. Not that that’s hard to figure out based on her looks, even though she plays an Israeli on NCIS.

As for her acting chops, credit that to her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and Musical Theatre from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University.

Why she’s in this list should be fairly obvious: she’s one spicy Latina who never fails to kick ass on primetime TV. Add to that the irresistible cuteness about her whenever she makes her trademark Ziva-isms (idiomatic slip-ups), and of course, the immense sex appeal she undoubtedly exudes whenever she gets into those sexually-charged interactions with her partner, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly).

EVANGELINE LILLY (Nicole Evangeline Lilly)

Evangeline Lilly (Credit:

Before I saw Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen in ABC’s Lost, I was under the impression that the only gift Canada had to offer babe-seekers worldwide was Shania Twain. But who could’ve guessed that a place called Fort Saskatchewan in Alberta, Canada would be the birthplace of one stunningly gorgeous Evangeline Lilly? I have to admit, the first (and only other) time I’ve heard the word “Saskatchewan” was in the US version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (which was, incidentally, also aired by ABC) when comedian Ryan Stiles mentioned that he grew up in the “mean streets” of Saskatchewan (although I am aware that the two are very different places, as Fort Saskatchewan is a city in Alberta, Canada, whereas Saskatchewan is a province of Canada).

(Wait a minute. I just realized that not only do I have two Latinas on this list, I also have two Canadians as well! No worries, I won’t spoil it. So make that THREE gifts of Canada to babe-seekers around the world. In behalf of all babe-seekers, I thank you, Canada!)

(What the… I thought that was it! No way! I also have two Aussies in this list! Again, don’t worry, I won’t spoil it. But wow, this list is making my head spin… in a good way.)

(Oops, I apologize for sidetracking there for a little bit. I’ll get back on topic with the next paragraph.)

Anyway, once again I have to come clean: one of the major reasons why I stuck with Lost despite its confusing and—quite frankly—irritating storyline was because I simply had to seize every opportunity of seeing Evangeline, half-naked or not.

At any rate, being a fan of The Lord of the Rings, I can’t help but chuckle whenever I think about sultry Evangeline (damn, I can’t stop saying her name—there’s a divine tune to it) and her being engaged (twice already, since they called off the first one) to Dominic Monaghan, who I’ll always remember as Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck, one of the four heroic Hobbits in the first three The Lord of the Rings movies directed by Peter Jackson. Think about one of the loveliest women on TV—and perhaps in the whole of the entertainment industry—tying the knot with one of the four Hobbits of the Fellowship that made a difference in the realm of Middle Earth. Isn’t that a bit funny?

JENNIFER MORRISON (Jennifer Marie Morrison)

Jennifer Morrison (Credit:

Being tagged as hot or sexy comes naturally if you’re half-naked most of the time, if you’re able to kick ass on a regular basis, or if you’re gunning down terrorists for the sake of national security. But when you’re considered hot or sexy while wearing office attire plus a doctor’s coat ninety percent of the time (ten percent of the time you’re either wearing scrubs or a hazmat suit), the enemies you’re up against aren’t criminals but some mystery illness, and the weapons you wield aren’t guns but a syringe, a stethoscope, and a host of other medical equipment—now that’s what I’d call amazing.

And so the definition of amazing is none other than the lovely Jennifer Morrison, popularly known as Dr. Allison Cameron of House.

It really didn’t matter if she were a blonde, a brunette, or a redhead—yes, she did sport all three hair colors in House—her impressive acting skills and innate prettiness was enough to capture the attention of millions of guys (and gals) all over the world.

And when you consider that her first-ever appearance on a magazine cover was when she was around ten or eleven, on Sports Illustrated for Kids with none other than His Airness, Michael Jordan, you have to be amazed at the huge amount of potential she possesses and the numerous opportunities still available to her even with the immense success she’s already had.

Interesting Facts About Jen:

—Dated and was engaged to House co-star Jesse Spencer (Dr. Robert Chase).

—Currently dating Amaury Nolasco (Sucre of Prison Break).

—Though she doesn’t appear on any television series as of late, she continues to be active in the industry as associate producer of Fox’s Glee.


Jordana Brewster (Credit:

Our second Latina hottie, Jordana Brewster, scorched television screens as doctor / secret agent Jill Roberts, who also happens to be Chuck’s ex-girlfriend in NBC’s Chuck.

Jordana’s hotness factor burned to new degrees as Jill managed to go from good to bad to good again in the first two seasons of Chuck, and the last time we saw her, she was running for her life and into hiding thanks to Chuck (Zachary Levi).

I wonder if she’ll be back again this season, as the writers and producers never really ruled out a return for her and her character. Although it is highly unlikely, since the guest star couch may very well be full, with Brandon Routh and Kristin Kreuk guest starring this season.

Interesting Facts About Jordana:

—Born in Panama City, Panama.

—Father is American, mother is Brazilian.

—Has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Yale. I knew she was smart!

—Favorite color is purple. Hey, me too!

—Wed film producer Andrew Form in 2007. Alas.

KRISTEN BELL (Kristen Anne Bell)

Kristen Bell (Credit:

No hottest/sexiest list is complete without at least one All-American blonde. And that is why we have the adorable Kristen Bell, famous for her role as Veronica in Veronica Mars. She also played Elle Bishop, that mess-with-me-and-I’ll-electrocute-you chick, in Heroes.

Whoever said that “blondes are dumb” definitely got it wrong, and here is the woman to prove it. In 2002, Kristen earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama from New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. And if that isn’t enough proof, then munch on this: in 2001—while still a student—Kristen made her Broadway debut as Becky Thatcher in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. A year later and also on Broadway, she performed in the revival of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible with Liam Neeson and Laura Linney. How’s that for a blonde?

Interesting Facts About Kristen:

—The person behind the voice of Gossip Girl in Gossip Girl, though she is uncredited.

—Broke both her wrists playing hockey. Whoa.

—Has dessert after every meal, even breakfast. I have to ask her how she manages to stay in shape.

—Has a lazy right eye, which to me is kind of sexy, in a weird, kinky way.


Mia Kirshner (Credit:

At last we have our second Canadian babe, in the gothic sexiness of Toronto, Canada-born Mia Kirshner, with those cool, blue-grey eyes that could chill even the hottest depths of hell, who likes dark chocolate and her coffee strong and black.

The first time I saw Mia, she was on a plane, flirting with a famous photographer, had sex with him in the plane’s bathroom, blew up that plane, parachuted herself to safety, then stripped naked in the middle of the desert. Of course I’m not talking about Mia in real life, but about her character, Mandy: professional assassin-for-hire in 24.

In spite of her unmistakable talent in acting, Mia has become the classic example of an actress who’s been typecast as a woman with bisexual tendencies; a trend that no doubt reached its peak when she was cast as Jenny Schecter in The L Word. And though her chances of landing various roles that match her acting expertise was greatly constrained because of her being typecast as a lesbian, she is starting to get other straighter roles: as one-time guest star in The Cleaner and CSI: NY, and, rather recently, as recurring guest star in The Vampire Diaries.

Many TV fans think that she’s spent whatever’s left in her tank in terms of acting for television, but I really don’t think there’s much to worry about. In fact, I’m absolutely confident that she has a lot more in front of her, and that her opportunities in getting more diverse roles lie in the near future.

Besides, her grandparents are Holocaust survivors. So, chances are, she’s one hell of a survivor, too.

OLIVIA WILDE (Olivia Jane Cockburn)

Olivia Wilde (Credit:

Yes, this top ten list of hottest/sexiest women on TV completely agrees with the millions of viewers in the U.S. and across the world, that Irish-American Olivia Wilde is indeed one of the hottest—some say she’s the hottest, but I beg to differ—women on television as of late. Sure, there’s absolutely no question that she’s hot. Even a quick look at those dazzling, blue-green eyes inside that pretty face on top of that marvelous body, and you’ll feel the burn inside and out. But as for her being the hottest of them all? I’m not so sure.

At any rate, you’d definitely recognize her as Dr. Remy “13” Hadley from House, and if you watched The O.C. through and through, then you’d also remember her as Alex Kelly, that bi chick who—thanks to the powers that be—made out with Mischa Barton.

By the way, I have a theory as to why she was given the number 13 when she was first seen on House: it may be that the writers/producers intended it as an inside joke of sorts, especially when you consider that she was on The O.C. for 13 episodes. Coincidental or deliberate? You decide.

Interesting Facts About Olivia:

—How to pronounce Cockburn? Say: co-burn or koe-burn.

—Decided to use the screen surname Wilde because she has always respected and has always been inspired by Oscar Wilde.

—Makes an appearance in the music video for Dashboard Confessional’s Stolen.

—When she was sixteen, she won a pancake-eating contest in Australia, by eating 33 pancakes in 20 minutes. Seriously? That’s hot.

—She was eighteen when she eloped and got married to Italian prince (Papal title) Tao Ruspoli way back in 2003.

—She’s actually a blonde.

SUMMER GLAU (Summer Lyn Glau)

Summer Glau (Credit:

Summer is here, and if you have to ask me why, my answer is simple: Summer is hot. And no, I’m not talking about the months of April and May, but of the hot babe straight from Texas, who has reached a goddess-like status among geeks and the rest of the man-world when she donned her combat gear and held guns of various caliber as good Terminator Cameron Phillips in the sci-fi series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She’s also quite famous for her performance as River Tam in the short-lived, sci-fi series Firefly, as well as in its movie sequel Serenity.

After taking on such physically-demanding roles, Summer has earned herself a bad ass reputation for being able to do much—if not all—of her stunts. And it is interesting to note that the astonishing success she’s had in doing her action scenes is a result of a lifetime of studying dance. In fact, she started to take dancing lessons at the young age of five.

She also went on a scholarship to a ballet company and was homeschooled by her mom from grades 3 to 12. And after all that hard work, she became prima ballerina for Ballet San Antonio, and was set to become one of the brightest stars of that company until she was injured.

When she was nineteen, she smashed her foot in the fireplace and broke one of her toes. Add that to the already bad tendonitis in her heels and the fact that she’s lost mobility on one of her feet—and yet, tough-as-nails Summer continued to dance on the broken toe until the pain was too much for her to bear.

Unfortunately, she had to retire from dancing full-time. Luckily for us TV fanatics, she ended up being discovered as a TV star, so what happened could be a blessing in disguise of some sort.

You can also see Summer in other shows: as a guest star in Cold Case as Paige Pratt, CSI as Mandy Cooper; and as a recurring character in Dollhouse as Bennett Halverson, The 4400 as paranoid schizophrenic Tess Doerner, and The Unit as Crystal Burns.

Interesting Facts About Summer:

—How to pronounce Glau? Say: glaou, not glow.

—Unlike Bryce Dallas Howard, she had not seen the Terminator movies before being cast in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

—Auditioned for the role of Alyssa Enrile (Pink/White Ranger) in Power Rangers Wild Force and was the casting director’s second choice.

—Auditioned for the role of Kitty Pryde in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and had even asked Joss Whedon—whose ideas contributed to the plot of X-Men: The Last Stand— for assistance in preparing for the part. Ultimately, the role went to Ellen Page.

YVONNE STRAHOVSKI (Yvonne Strzechowski)


Yvonne Strahovski (Credit:

Last but certainly not least, we have our second Aussie hottie in the luscious Yvonne “Strahotski” Strahovski.

If you read my previous top ten list, you probably remember that I said: “Any hottest/sexiest movie stars list wouldn’t be complete without at least one British representative.”

Obviously, this list does not feature a British babe. But the case could be made that Ms. Strahovski can act as a representative for the Brits in this hottest/sexiest list. Since Yvonne, though she is an Australian citizen, is actually of Polish decent, and she speaks fluent Polish, which she uses when communicating with her family. Her parents are currently living in the US while all her other relatives are all in Poland. So, as you can see, these things make her essentially European. Add to the mix that she talks like a Brit (as do most Aussies), and the fact that we have two Aussies in this list—that should be enough to seal the deal.

Okay, if you didn’t buy that, I’m sure you won’t be able to resist buying this: Yvonne Strahovski can outclass anyone in terms of hotness / sexiness factor, and if you don’t believe that even after seeing her picture above, then go ahead and watch “at least one” (there’s that phrase again) episode of Chuck, where you’ll see her as the incredibly capable—in more ways than one—CIA agent Sarah Walker. Also, for those of you who play Mass Effect, you’ve probably heard Yvonne’s voice as Miranda Lawson in the iPhone / iTouch game Mass Effect Galaxy. You can also see her on the cover of the upcoming Mass Effect 2 (in stores next week)—she served as the model and provided the voice for Miranda in the said game.

Quite frankly, there isn’t much to say about Yvonne, except that she is as good as advertised. She graduated from the renowned Theatre Nepean in 2003, with a Bachelor of Arts in Performance. She also has a passionate interest in theater that manifests in her work as both actor and writer.

Interesting Facts About Yvonne:

—Stage surname Strahovski is actually the phonetic spelling of her real surname Strzechowski.

—Had a nose ring for five years and says that the hole is still visible from close-up.

—Was a straight-A student in college.

—Sent in her audition tape to Chuck while waiting to hear from other auditions, one was to Bionic Woman.

—First language is Polish, so she had to learn English (on top of her Polish) when she started to attend school.

* * *

And because I couldn’t fit everyone I liked into a list of ten, here are:


Erica Durance

Judy Greer

Katheryn Winnick

Rachel Bilson

Shannyn Sossamon


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