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I’m back and it’s high time to get caught up!


I hate how time flies.

I used to think the saying “time flies” is a load of crap, but that was way back in college, when I had this idiotic delusion that I’m a lot smarter than I actually was.

And man, was I way off on that one.

In point of fact: time does fly by—when you’re not paying attention.

Since September, I got my tunnel vision thang set on three things:

1) preparing for the University of the Philippines Law Aptitude Exam (UP LAE);

2) making sure not to miss my favorite TV shows each week; and

3) reading various books and other material as a form of icebreaker from studying the exam reviewer.

Everything else I didn’t pay attention to.

In fact, I was so focused (distracted?) that I literally spent most, if not all, of my waking moments preparing for the dreaded exam, looking forward to the next episode I shouldn’t miss, and getting to that icebreaker reading conveniently placed on top of a pile of other stuff I ought to read before I go bonkers.

It was right after taking the exam that it hit me: three months had passed me by—three months during which I haven’t been paying attention to the other things I consider equally important. So here I am, scrambling to make up for time lost.

This is what I looked like right after taking the UP LAE. Not that I look like Hugh Laurie. I meant this was the expression on my face, complete with facepalm for optimum effect.

Now that the exam is over and done with, I’m stuck waiting for the results until January next year. In the meantime, I’m going to try and snap back to reality and return to doing the other things that matter to me, like, say, blogging.

For starters, I’m going to get caught up and post my take on the latest happenings in the brand new seasons of my favorite TV shows. Because, let’s face it, just watching isn’t enough; you have to have some sort of reaction to what you saw, and, you have to let others know about it, right?

Next, I’m going to start a series of blog entries, all about my realizations and/or reflections, which I will post on a weekly monthly quarterly basis. What better way to pay attention to things that matter than to compel yourself to write down your thoughts and publish them on a regular basis?

Lastly, in order to improve my all-around interweb awareness, I’m going to add to my posts the WORD and SHAME portion, where I’ll mention the most remarkable events of the past week, and the things said, written, and/or done recently that I find agreeable or disagreeable.

Up Next: I’m going to post Passage to Ponder (Over) # 6 while I’m working on my take on the brand-new seasons of Chuck, House, NCIS, Survivor: Nicaragua, The Mentalist, and the two shows I’ve recently become a fan of: Human Target and Lie To Me.

* * * * * * * * *


1. John Schuhmann’s analysis of the Miami Heat who were 8-7 at the time of writing (now 9-8: won over Philly yesterday, lost to the Mavs just now). Not that I’m defending the Heat. Sure, I’d like to seem them win it all to prove the haters wrong, but I’m glad I haven’t really jumped on the bandwagon, especially now that they’re struggling this early in the season.

Nevertheless, this “Heat check” ought to pacify the hooplah fans and haters of the Heat currently find themselves in. I’m all for a ceasefire. As fans of the game, we should just let the players play, enjoy however the season turns out, then we’ll see what we’ll get in the playoffs.

2. Real good news, this one.

3. Now that’s one tough Pinay. Way to take ’em scumbags down, Grace! Hope you and your baby are doing fine. Get well soon!

4. The brand new season of University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Volleyball just opened yesterday. UAAP Women’s Volleyball is a perennial example of a televised sporting event that is being watched for both the skills and the curves, if you know what I mean. So if you don’t tune in, you’re missing a lot. A whole lot.

Opening Day: National University won over Far Eastern University in the first game (3-1), while University of Santo Tomas edged Ateneo de Manila University in an excitingly close second game (3-2, 15-13).

If you’re obsessed about a certain team, or teams (and finding out which players on a team are eye candy), here’s the complete roster of UAAP Women’s Volleyball players this season. It’s just a list, by the way. Meaning, no photos. Sorry, but you’re going to have to look for photos yourself.

Oh, and there’s two games later today (2pm and 4pm)—I sure hope they’re televised. Be sure to check Studio 23.


1. This is somewhat smack in the middle of WORD and SHAME, but kinda more on the SHAME side (at least for now):

Kanye West’s fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, was just released last Monday. Listened to all the songs as posted on youtube; not really feeling any of the songs (yet), except for Power. I really miss the ‘Ye I knew from when I stumbled upon Through The Wire and All Falls Down way back in ‘04.

2. I’m no expert on North and South Korea relations, but I’m sure as hell that this whole “on the brink of war” thing is getting too much for comfort.

3. Really, Jeff? I swear, your blog posts just get lamer and lamer.

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  1. 24.January.2011 6:19 pm

    I am lost. I did not get it. Or I just can’t relate.

    • 24.January.2011 8:56 pm

      What didn’t you get?

      Anyway, this post is a catching up of sorts. This is also the point where I really started to pay attention to blogging again, after being mentally out of it for some time.


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