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NCIS—False Witness


My thoughts on False Witness, the 10th episode of the 8th season of NCIS—read (and react) after the jump.

EPISODE 10: False Witness

Finally, the Annie Wersching episode! In this episode, Gibbs and the team help out District Attorney Gail Walsh when her key (and only) witness in a capital murder trial—a petty officer—goes missing.


—Amazing Annie! Her performance this episode really gave me a lot to see, a little vintage Renee Walker here and there, but also a lot of stuff that good ol’ Renee didn’t show us in 24. You just have to see it to believe it. I mean, Annie flirting and smiling on camera? Priceless.

Oh, and to those wondering if we’ll ever see DA Walsh again, here’s what I can say: I KNOW we’ll see a lot more Gail Walsh down the road.

Consider: it’s rare that big guest stars only appear in a single episode of NCIS, and RARELY do the writers/producers close the door to them returning for as many episodes as possible. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Annie will be back. Maybe Gibbs enlists Walsh’s help on a case, to make it up to her after NCIS screwed her big capital murder case.

—The NEW Anthony DiNozzo and the effect he had with Team Gibbs, including Gibbs. I was going to detail each scene here, only I realized it’s so much better to just watch and see it (again and again) to really enjoy the fun.

—A turkey DNA database? Hilarious! Followed by the Ziva-turkey-and-goose thing. I couldn’t stop laughing after that.

—Ziva’s friend from Miami is really making me extra curious. First, we are told he has a high security clearance, meaning he could be military or federal, now we find out he lived in the French Alps for a while. Bread crumbs, bread crumbs.

—Petty Officer Jerry Neisler (Ben Toplin) and his insights on the team. Assuming he reads people quite well (and judging from everyone’s reactions, he’s spot on), then he was very helpful in giving us tidbits of our beloved characters’ souls.

—A McGee headslap! It’s been a while!

—The holiday greeting after the closing credits was such an awesome gesture. Truly, happy holidays to the men and women who protect and serve their respective countries all over the world!


—I don’t know if it’s just me, but I thought Annie’s involvement/participation in the episode was kind of unsatisfying. Don’t get me wrong. I thought she performed well and had enough screen time, but that’s not the issue. Either way, this is sort of in the middle of Good and Bad, because the way the story went, it looks like NCIS ain’t done with DA Gail Walsh just yet.

—Another semi-Bad: Ducky not being able to focus; hope it really was because of his provocative lady friends on Facebook and not an early sign of dementia.

—The episode was kind of slow (but not boring; though maybe this is only because I’m still reeling from the intensity of Enemies Foreign and Domestic), and the plot quite predictable, if I may add. I figured the dead girl’s brother was behind the threats to P.O. Neisler during the talk he and Gibbs had in the conference room.

—The melodramatic end to the case really bored me I almost skipped the whole thing. Although I can’t think of any other way that NCIS could have resolved the case minus the drama (this is a Christmas-themed episode, after all).


I give False Witness a 7 out of 10.

* * * * * * * * *


1. Doctors Nat and Kat winning the million—making history as the first all-female team to win the Amazing Race.

2. The tremendous amount of support this got/continues to get from all across the web amazes me. Katie, you rock! And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

3. Randy David wrote it—you’ve got to read IT.

4. Georges “Rush” St-Pierre beating Josh Koscheck. Take that, punk! You would have gotten knocked out or submitted if you weren’t practically running away from GSP since the second round started up until the end of the fight.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean 4!!!


1. I don’t know if Webb et al. are innocent or not, but no person on this earth can possibly comprehend what Lauro Vizconde is going through.

2. This illustrates the fact that the Filipino society and its institutions fail miserably in trying to protect the rights of Filipino women (even the sexy, famous ones).

3. Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s Person of the Year 2010? What’s the world coming to?

Interestingly, Time’s poll results show Assange (1st), Lady Gaga (3rd), Stewart and Colbert (4th) Obama (6th), the Chilean Miners (8th), with Zuckerberg finishing the race in 10th place.

* * * * * * * * *


Human justice is like a snake: it only bites those without shoes.

~Bishop Aniceto Arigo (quoting Brazil’s Archbishop Oscar Romero) on why there is a need to push for genuine reforms in the Philippine justice system (from the Philippine Daily Inquirer—click the link in Shame # 1 to read the whole article).

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