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Human Target—Dead Head and Survivor: Nicaragua—Episode 14


A review of Human Target‘s Dead Head and Survivor: Nicaragua‘s 14th episode.

Episode 5: Dead Head

Last week, we got a glimpse into Chance’s past, thanks to a mellowed down Baptiste helping out with the case. This week, we take a peek into Winston’s. And I’m a sucker for episodes that give us a better understanding of our beloved characters.

On this episode: when a paranoid potential client loses his memory, Chance and the team take it upon themselves to protect him. As the team works on figuring out the client’s identity, they bump into someone from Winston’s past, which prompts him to give his ex-wife a visit.


—This episode is a prime example of how great this show can be with all five main characters utilized and blended perfectly. We have Chance-Winston, Chance-Winston-Ilsa, Guerrero-Ames, Guerrero-Ilsa, Chance-Winston-Ames, you catch the drift. I planned on writing all the snappy dialogue here, but seriously. You don’t need to read it, you need to see and hear it for yourselves!

—Take the great dialogue and stack great action scenes and a hearty dose of humor on top of it. This is almost vintage HT, perhaps a tad better with the babes this time around.

—Ames is back! I have it right so far, when I said Ames is going to get physical ALL SEASON LONG. Good thing she’s as hot as she is or it wouldn’t be half as fun.

—Absolutely stellar performances from this episode’s three guest stars: Tracie Thoms (Cold Case, Rent) as Winston’s ex-wife Michelle, Roger Bart (Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock) as J.D./Dead Head/David Jarecki, and Nick Chinlund (Desperate Housewives, The Chronicles of Riddick) as Lt. Broward. I hope we see Michelle some other time (or times!).

HT making up for its delayed season premiere by going deep into the holidays, the next episode is on the 22nd followed by a quick break, and returning early next year (January 5th) with back-to-back episodes! Nice!


—The episode didn’t offer much in terms of plot. Nick Chinlund has bad guy written all over his face, so the moment he appeared in the show, I knew exactly what was going down; and of course, the ever-predictable feel-good ending. The only reason I watched the entire episode is for the revelation of who the client was and to see how Winston deals with his ex-wife and how he and Chance would talk when the case was over.

—Still confused as to Janet Montgomery’s status on the show. Though she is listed as part of the main cast in HT‘s page on Fox.

HT viewership still lingering between 5 and 6 million per episode. Why aren’t more people watching this awesome show?


I give Dead Head an 8 out of 10.

Episode 14: This is Going to Hurt

As the game approaches its final stretch, the final six castaways get to team up with their loved ones in the reward challenge. Feelings get hurt after the winner disappoints a close ally while reneging on his promise to another castaway, which becomes that castaway’s motivation to win the immunity challenge. The competition heats up as five castaways gang up on who they think is the biggest threat to win the game.


Alliances: Chase, Holly, and Sash vs. Fabio and Dan

Reward Winner: Chase and his mom

Immunity Winner: Fabio

Jury Members: Alina, Marty, Brenda, Benry, and QUITTERS NaOnka and Purple Kelly

Voted out: Jane

Immunity Idols: Chase and Sash played theirs this tribal, no idols left

Potentially on the chopping block: everyone except Dan and maybe Sash

Episodes to go: a 2-hour season finale followed by the reunion show, this Sunday, December 19


—The loved ones! The loved ones episode of each Survivor season are fun to watch; really heartwarming stuff.

—Fabio’s mom is the bomb! And she’s quite the Survivor player too, telling Fabio to keep his head in the game after not getting picked by Chase to go on the reward.

—Chase, Fabio, and Dan reduced to tears.

—It’s great to see that the production staff is making sure the challenges are not too physical that the older people don’t have a chance in competing (the older women specifically, since Dan has never really competed in any challenge since, well, ever).

—I’m pretty sure either Jane or Fabio will win the extra prize money for favorite castaway that will be given on the reunion show (if Survivor decides to give one this season, though I have a feeling that they will). I hope Jane gets it though (despite her last tribal council meltdown); she really needs the money, besides, she did go far into the game.


—So much for that threat of execution thing. Meh.

—Jane getting all too emotional in tribal. Can’t really blame her for lashing out, though. She’s so nice she expected the same courtesy from the members of her alliance, so when she was betrayed, she took it hard.

—The game has gotten so boring and the players so complacent, Jeff had to intervene and state the obvious at tribal; though the editing has to be blamed too, I guess.


I give This is Going to Hurt a 7 out of 10.

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