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Survivor: Nicaragua—Episode 15 and Reunion Show


My thoughts on Survivor: Nicaragua‘s 15th episode and reunion show.

Episode 15 and Reunion Show

The final five castaways go through Days 37 to 39—going to tribal council each night: the first two to eliminate one castaway each, the final day for the three finalists’ oral arguments, the jury’s questions, comments, etc, and the final vote for the winner of the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize money.

In the reunion show, host Jeff Probst reads the votes to reveal the winner and proceeds to conclude the adventure that is Survivor: Nicaragua.


Voted Out (Day 37): Dan

Voted Out (Day 38): Holly

Immunity Winner: Fabio, two straight

Final Three: Chase, Sash, and Fabio

Jury Members: Alina, Marty, Brenda, Benry, Jane, Dan, Holly and QUITTERS NaOnka and Purple Kelly

Sole Survivor: Fabio

Final Vote:

Sash – no votes received

Chase – 4 votes: Brenda, Alina (and probably Jane, and Holly)

Fabio – 5 votes: Dan, Marty (and probably Benry, NaOnka, and Purple Kelly)


—Again, the fair challenges: the trivia and puzzle (mental) challenge on Day 37, and then the coin stacking challenge (endurance, focus) on Day 38. Great job Survivor writers/producers and production staff, in working to keep the playing field as level as possible, especially during the last few immunity challenges.

—Holly and Chase being honest to Fabio on Day 38 (and Sash being his usual self, lying flat out to Fab).

—Final Tribal Council: the place where everything comes out, the gloves come off and everybody is called out on everything they did, especially post-merge. Always entertaining, with the bitter jury members lashing out, the funny, weird, completely illogical questions, and the pleasant surprises in seeing who’s rooting (and voting) for whom.

—Dan quoting Judy Sheindlin (to Chase): “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.” Aw, snap!

—Brenda, Benry, and NaOnka tearing up as Fabio explained how getting to see his mom at the loved ones episode reward challenge gave him enough fuel to win the final three immunity challenges.

—Marty’s Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers award. Hilarious! Nice try, pal.

—Purple Kelly isn’t as dumb as a lot of people think. That question she gave Sash really set him up to kick more dirt on his face and practically sealed the jury’s deal not to give him a single vote.

—At the end of it all, Nay and Fabio finally see eye to eye. I actually like NaOnka (a little bit) after final tribal. Maybe she isn’t as despicable in real life. I expected her to be bitter and all, but it was a pleasure to see that she wasn’t.

—Fabio tearing up as he answered Nay’s question. Nay couldn’t have said it any better: WE appreciate Fabio’s realness.

—Who would’ve thought that after all the bickering and fighting, Nay would eventually vote for Fabio to win the million and title of Sole Survivor?

—Did we really get to see Purple Kelly’s badonkadonks (and cleavage too, of course) up close right as she gets up to the voting area? Great view, camera guy! Which begs the question: are those real? I don’t think they are, but I sure hope they are.

—The guy I thought really deserved the million and the title of Sole Survivor won. Congrats for being the youngest Sole Survivor, Fab.

—Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not only is Fab’s mom the bomb, his sister is smokin’ too!

—Probst’s apology to Sash in the reunion show. Classy move from one of the best reality TV hosts in the industry.

—The band playing along with Chase as he sang his original composition.

—Great rule adjustment after Nay and Purple Kelly quit but were still allowed to be on the jury.

—Jane winning the $100,000 Sprint Player of the Season award: receiving the most votes ever and winning by the biggest margin in the history of the award (according to Probst himself).

—Can’t wait for Survivor: Redemption Island! Someone get February 16th here already!

By the way, the redemption island twist is actually taken from various international versions of Survivor.


—Jane, ever since she was voted out of the game. Good thing her bitterness along with her harsh words to Sash during final tribal didn’t cost her the Sprint Player of the Season award.

—Does Brenda and/or Alina have a crush on Chase or what? There’s something about how they made their votes, with Alina saying Chase’s name breathlessly, and Brenda staring long and hard at Chase’s name before flipping the scroll towards the camera to reveal her vote. Seriously. Bleh.

—I completely disagree with Chase and Sash’s argument about Fabio not earning his spot in the final three only because he won the last three immunity challenges. In my opinion, winning immunity at the right time is as good as any strategic maneuver or loyal alliance. And really, all that matters in Survivor is that you put yourself in a position to win the money, and then take it from there, which is precisely what Fabio did (a whole lot better than either Chase or Sash were able to do, if I may add).

—I don’t like it that Survivor doesn’t show how the final vote played out. Could it be that the final vote is always too much of a landslide? The writers/producers should really consider putting it all out there for the whole world to see.

—I wish they made the reunion longer so that Jeff had enough time to talk to each and every castaway, you know, just to give them a chance to speak outside of the game. Here’s a shout-out to Tyrone, Yve, Jill, Purple Kelly, and Benry!


I give the Survivor: Nicaragua finale a 9 out of 10.

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