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My Farewell to 2010


I don’t know about you, but I think the final days of a year are better spent taking stock of how we’ve lived our lives the past twelve months than making resolutions for the year to come.

Which is why I’ve never really made any New Year resolutions, and I don’t plan to start now. Instead, I’m taking the time to think and write about the past year—how my life has been through and after it.

I started 2010 feeling excited about whatever the year had in store for me. I was stoked for the ups and downs, the pleasures and the pains; so I had a pretty stoic demeanor as the year begun.

And quite frankly, 2010 went by with only a handful of moments worth looking back on (in chronological order):

1. Posting My Top 10 Hottest / Sexiest Women of Television Drama, which has received the most views on Thread of Truth. I’m going to post more top 10 lists this year—at least that’s the plan.

2. One of my closest friends giving birth to a baby girl (February). Congrats to no end, Love! Give Euphie a big hug and a peck on the cheek for me.

3. Getting my laptop fixed (April). Still using the very same one now!

4. Graduating from college (April). Take that, tacky Philippine bureaucratic institution! 😀

5. Failing to blog for five months (February, June to August, and October), and only posting one blog entry (each) in September and November. Slow days, weeks, and months. Never again.

6. One of my closest friends getting married (May). She’s given birth to her first child—a baby boy named Raphael Lucas—as well. Congrats Ate KK! Can’t wait to see little Ukas.

7. Going around Los Baños and climbing Mount Makiling with a dear friend (six days after her birthday) just for the heck of it (June). Teng, you rock! Especially in person. 🙂

8. Walking down the aisle with someone I’d like to walk down the aisle with some other time (November).

9. Preparing and taking the University of the Philippines Law Aptitude Exam (November).

10. Returning to blogging. and

11. Completing Simbang Gabi (or Misa de Gallo) for the first time in my twenty-three years of living on this earth. I have a wish I want so bad to happen this 2011. 🙂

Not that I’m taking anything away from all the other “filler” moments I had all year long, as these are a part of the past year as much as the highs or the lows were.

Some “filler” moments worth mentioning (in no particular order):

—Witnessing the end of 24. Bye, Jack. See you in movie theaters soon (I hope).

—Drinking my first (and probably only) cup of Starbucks coffee. It was a venti; enough to last me a lifetime.

—Finishing Flashforward in under a week. Sad that there isn’t another season.

—Getting curious enough to watch Lie To Me. Gillian Foster is the bomb!

—Despairing as the Suns fell to the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. Boo.

—Despairing as the Celtics fell to the Lakers in the NBA Finals. Boo-hoo.

—Learning about a dear friend’s sad yet infuriating life story.

—Making friends at the UP LAE review I attended.

—Getting curious enough to watch Nikita. Can’t wait to see what happens now that Alex is a full-fledged agent of Division.

And that, my friends, is the year that was.

Here’s hoping we all have a blessed, meaningful, and prosperous 2011.

* * * * * * * * *


1. If you’re Pinoy, you have to read this article by Conrado de Quiros.

2. Heat-Lakers Christmas Game: MIA 96-80 LAL.

Not quite the preview of the finals we all expected wanted to see, but rather, a preview of the current state of both teams: Los Angeles—complacent and cocky, Miami—hungry and getting their act together quite well.

LBJ the game changer:

-27 points on 8-14 shooting, 5-6 from deep, 6-6 from the line

-11 rebounds

-10 assists

-4 steals

-1 turnover

3. Amazing shot, ‘reke! Way to send the Kings off to 2011!

4. Get well soon, KG. The basketball gods know the Celtics are nothing without you (at least in the playoffs).

5. I am pleased to announce that I am joining Post a Week 2011. I thought about Post a Day, but I know it’d be too hard for me.


1. Senseless. Senseless, indeed.

2. Just when everyone thought the Blazers’ bad luck regarding injuries has run out, this happens.

3. First Yao, now Chuck Hayes gets injured, too? Hard times, if you’re a Rockets fan.

4. Thanks to Kiteng and Robot Unicorn Attack, I’ve seen this video of Always by Erasure. As Kiteng so aptly put it: mindfuck!

* * * * * * * * *


I was in a WWE headlock. I was just trying to get out of it. I got a technical for just getting out of a headlock.”

~LeBron James, on his altercation with Lakers’ Ron Artest late in the first half, when Artest wrapped his arms around James’ head, resulting into a double technical.

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  1. ryuu permalink
    20.January.2011 4:54 pm

    you’ll see ukas in a week.. 😀 i’m going to expect you there..

    miss you, lolo.. XD

    ahem.. number 8 is very intriguing.. care to share? :3

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