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Humdrum Week # 1


This is my first (of many, I’m sure) lethargic post this year, thanks to my devotion to Post A Week combined with the past week being rather uneventful. Granted, a bus explosion on EDSA is as far as it gets from uneventful. But apart from that horrific event, this week has been an absolute snore for me.

Well, there were fresh episodes of Chuck, House, Lie To Me, and Nikita, but with NCIS, Human Target, and The Mentalist MIA, it’s been pretty much a slow week.

I don’t know if my recent state of boredom is indicative of my current place in the great world order—I’m unemployed, and currently waiting for the result of the UP Law Aptitude Exam before plotting my next big move in life—but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only person who went through this week bored almost to the point of insanity. I think this type of boredom could actually be a circle/level of hell in itself—at least according to Dante’s Inferno.

Anyway, as is usually the case when I get bored, I try to find new things to immerse myself in. About six months ago, I hit an all-time low in activity and productivity, and my response was to keep myself entertained—by blitzing through the one and only season of Flashforward. In two weeks, I went through its superb first episode all the way to its relatively amazing, though anticlimactic season finale, that, to no one’s surprise, turned out to be the series’ finale.

This time, I had Fringe, thanks to Neutral Universe, who practically begged me to give it a shot (and yes, dear friend, I’ve watched at least one episode of it every day since Sunday, and I’m going to watch episode number ten right after I publish this post). And damn it, I obviously didn’t know what I’ve been missing since the show started in 2008.

Fringe Trinity: Jackson, Noble, Torv (Credit:

Just so you know, I absolutely love X-Files.

And Fringe is just like X-Files—but on meth! 😀

I admit, I had reservations about watching Fringe—first, I didn’t know who Anna Torv was and she seemed like a run-of-the-mill blonde; second, I wasn’t sure if I could get through a single episode with LOTR‘s Denethor (the brilliant John Noble) blabbering out scientific terms jargons gibberish at every turn; and third (and this is probably the most compelling reason I had), I simply couldn’t imagine having to watch Joshua Jackson aka Mr. Dawson’s Creek for a full hour (I was delightfully surprised to find that Fringe’s typical episode is about 50 minutes long, which is roughly 5 minutes more than the usual weekly TV series) without feeling a little queasy.

Needless to say, my reservations were unfounded.

Anna Torv—the hottest blonde from Oz since Yvonne Strahovski. (Credit:

When Torv, Jackson, and Noble are together in one scene, they produce a delightful blend of superb acting that makes Fringe leagues above any other sci-fi show I’ve seen. Separately, they’re able to hold their own—each is an excellent actor in his/her own right.

My current state of boredom coupled with this superb show is leading me down a path of obsession. Can I catch up to the latest season and episode of Fringe? With Anna Torv as my muse, I’m definitely going to try.

So, I beg of you, no Fringe spoilers in the comments! 😀

* * * * * * * * *


1. Allyson Townsend aka ‘Ally ASL’ on YouTube, helping the deaf understand the beauty of music. Ally, you rock! 🙂

2. Facebook will let advertisers use your posts via ‘Sponsored Stories’. Right on! If we WordPress users have to deal with unwanted ads that come with our blog posts, why shouldn’t Facebook users get their own dose of ads as well?

3. Point Guard Jason Williams let go by the Orlando Magic. Detroit Pistons, take notice and please do the same for Rip Hamilton. Miami Heat, promptly pick up Mr. Williams. He just might be a lot more invaluable to your team than you might think.

4. This! What you want to see happens around the 1:30 mark. 😀

5. Thank you, Neutral Universe, for urging me to watch Fringe. I am now effing hooked—and currently zooming through the first season!


1. EDSA bus bombing on the 25th. Official list of casualties here.

My condolences to those left behind by the five people who passed. May God’s retribution fall swiftly on those responsible for this atrocity. My prayers go out to those injured—may you have a speedy recovery—and their families.

2. and 3. Rafael Nadal, out of Aussie Open (nothing against Ferrer) and ah, as the fates would have it, Roger Federer, out of Aussie Open as well (nothing against Djokovic).

4. To anyone who thinks Chris Medina is using his disabled fiancée Juliana Ramos to improve his chances of winning American Idol: please find your heart. It’s there in your chest somewhere.

It’s not that hard to see that Chris is such a nice guy. Otherwise, he would’ve left Juliana a long time ago.

I feel bad for what happened to Juliana. From what I can see in her photos before the accident, she has a bright, young spirit. Look at what she’s been reduced to just because of one accident.

I hope and pray she gets better as she goes through the treatments and therapies.

All in God’s time, dear Juliana.

We’re praying for you, so hang in there. 🙂

* * * * * * * * *


My password was P-A-S-S-W-O-R-D.”

~Dr. Robert Chase, House

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  1. 29.January.2011 1:46 pm

    Okay. I am impressed. Not just about the style you have relished out through this post, but the content, of course!

    Let me start by thanking you. It feels so great to know that you have sort of “tried” watching Fringe. Overwhelming for my end that you have given ~50 minutes of your life just to finish the pilot episode of Fringe. (Well, I can’t remember if it is really 50 minutes. I think the pilot has a longer running time.)

    Truth be told, the running time will be reduced to 45 minutes once you reach the latter part of the series. I don’t know where it began to be like that, but just the same, it is worth watching, yes?

    Of course, I will not give out any spoiler here, albeit I am more than willing to share my thoughts with you. I am currently downloading the latest episode (Season 3 Episode 11) which is far more brilliant than where you are right now. That may sound biased a judgment but that is how it really hooked me. Fringe makes you become more and more excited as the episodes unfold. As one subplot unfolds after another, there is this invisible thread that makes you want to watch the next episode.

    As for me, I had to wait a long time just to watch the comeback of Fringe whenever it had to take a break (say after a season, and midway the season). It pains a lot to wait weeks after weeks. Once I have clicked (or push) the Play button, everything around me dissolves.

    At the end of the day, I am eager to have you by my side on waiting for the latest serving of Fringe. With a faster pace, you can do it.

    Season 1 is a prologue of what Fringe is all about. Once you get to Season 2, you would surely see how Fringe has its own identity to the extent of it having no comparison with X-Files. And once you get to Season 3, you would be ashamed of yourself for not watching the first two seasons quickly.


    Thank you so much again. I am very grateful that you are now into Fringe.

    Until then. I have to watch the latest episode after a couple of hours.

    • 29.January.2011 11:16 pm

      Hey, I’m the one who’s supposed to be grateful! 😀

      And honestly, I can’t thank you enough, mate. 🙂

      You’re right, the pilot was about an hour and twenty minutes. It was intense! I never saw that plot twist coming!

      Anyway, thanks for not spilling spoilers. I know you’re doing your best to hold it in and wait for me to get caught up. And I will. Count on it.

      I can’t wait to get up to speed so that we can discuss and exchange ideas for possible scenarios in future episodes/seasons.

      Lastly, I do hope that Fringe getting transferred to Fox’s Friday death slot isn’t a sign that the end is near.

      • 29.January.2011 11:18 pm

        Not to spoil you mate, but after watching the latest episode, I thought of its end looming. Closer and closer.

      • 29.January.2011 11:37 pm

        I knew it. I knew it!

        Damn. Is there going to be another season, you think?

        Speculations abound that the end is near since Fox has had this habit of transferring a struggling sci-fi show (in terms of viewership) to the Friday death slot right before they pull the plug. Examples include Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, and Firefly.

        Take a look at this.

      • 30.January.2011 6:14 am

        I am not really familiar with the death slot thingamajig but 11 shows with the same fate? No wonder if it would really be the end. Episode 11 made me wonder because of how it was written. Perhaps they would just give everything away for the last.

        😦 (The Episode 10 title was “Firefly”.)

      • 30.January.2011 9:13 pm


        I won’t be able catch up if that’s the case. This is very troubling.

  2. 29.January.2011 11:01 pm

    I’m so out of touch with TV shows. What the heck is Fringe? is it on regular networks?

    • 29.January.2011 11:03 pm

      What do you mean by regular? It is served hot and sizzling by Fox.

    • 29.January.2011 11:05 pm

      Hi, dear! 🙂

      Fringe is a sci-fi show, very much like X-Files, Dollhouse, and the like.

      And yes, as Neutral said, it airs on Fox, Fridays 9/8 central.

  3. 1.February.2011 9:52 am

    Good luck to you and your UPLAE results. 🙂 Just dropping by from yuuki-chan’s site. I see talent in your writing. I know you’ll make it to Law. 😀

    I love Chris Medina. Unconditional love FTW. 🙂

    • 1.February.2011 11:48 am

      Thank you very much, dear. I can’t wait to find out if I passed the LAE or not. Either way, I welcome the results, just so I can move on with my life already. 😀

      You’re very kind. You’d be delighted to know that I have added you to the Pinoy Thread. 🙂

      Yep. Chris is the man. I hope the Lord rewards his unconditional love for Juliana by making her well as soon as possible.

  4. 2.February.2011 9:27 pm

    What a delightful review 🙂

    Good luck to your exams Atty. Jedo 🙂
    God bless you! 🙂

    • 2.February.2011 9:35 pm

      Thanks, dear. Yep, good luck with my exams. I hope I pass, but I’m not optimistic about the results. I am praying hard, though. And all I know is that I’ll pass it if it’s the Lord’s will. 🙂

  5. 4.February.2011 1:24 am

    Oh, oh, what a nice photo of Anna Torv you got there, Mr. Jedo! 🙂

    A friend of mine who has been making his presence felt here in your blog, from what I can see, told me to read this entry ages ago. And what a big dikey loser I am to have read this just now.

    Anyways, that very same friend I was talking about should also be penalized, I believe, for he was responsible for my sleepless nights (and mornings?) last week–all because of this one heck of a TV show, Fringe.

    I’m nearing the end of season 1, and I’m so bracing myself for the second. Can’t wait to actually witness Neutral Universe’s spoilers warnings unfold before my very eyes.

    And I could only nod in agreement to your comments toward the show, as I don’t think I could write something to even equal what you have written. Nonetheless, please know that I liked your review so much.

    Good luck with the exam results, Attorney!
    I’ll pray for your success.

    All the best,

    • 4.February.2011 1:38 am

      Thanks a lot, Raymond. I appreciate your kind words. Thanks also for wishing me luck and praying for my passing the LAE. I sure need a lot of prayers right now (the results are coming out really soon). 🙂

      Anyway, I’m watching the first episode of season 2 at this very moment, and dear Lord, you really should get to it, quick! The way they end the first season is the perfect set-up for how they start the second, so you’re right: brace yourself.

      Something big happens right before the opening credits. I won’t spoil it for you, but here’s a little clue: I had to curse out loud after seeing what had just happened (which has only happened twice, maybe thrice, my entire TV-viewing life before this). It’s so intense and flat-out shocking, not even 24 was able to do that to me during their glory days.

      Man, I can’t wait for you to see it too! 😀

      • 4.February.2011 8:02 am

        Hey, mate. It is so nice to hear that you are now in Season 2.

        If you like how Season 1 ended, brace yourself for the ending of Season 2. You will shout in pain and anger. You will learn how to hate. But that may already be a spoiler.

        Let me tell you something: Season 2 Episode 16 will break you. That is the episode that will tell you what Season 3 is all about. Now that is not a spoiler. It is more of a teaser. I just want you to hurry up because tomorrow is Fringe day again. Season 3 Episode 12 tomorrow. And I am veeeeeeery excited.

        Season 2, yes, Season 2. You will not believe your eyes.

      • 4.February.2011 8:04 am

        Let me add something to that: Season 216 will tell you not just what Season 3 is all about, but what the whole show is all about. 🙂

      • 4.February.2011 8:23 am

        Ooooh. Interesting. Let you guys know when I get there. 😀

      • 4.February.2011 10:17 pm

        @Neutral: it feels like I just can’t get to the latest episode fast enough. I’m downloading episode 205 right now, and after the first four episodes of season 2, my understanding of the Fringe world is completely scrambled, with bits and pieces flung far out, to the four corners of the world (though I’m pretty confident that some of my theories about several mysteries/unknowns will be proven correct). Anyway, I’m kicking it into high gear now.

        Also, the writers seem to have cranked up the pace of the storytelling in season 2, that’s why the episodes got shorter than the season 1 default 50 minutes. It’s all good. I’m really digging the speed at which things occur and that several interesting things happen all at once (which can get confusing if you’re not paying attention).

        I can’t wait to reach 216 and the 2-part finale. I’m sure it’ll be awesome and that what you said will come true (that I’ll shout in pain and anger and know how to hate after witnessing the end of season 2). 🙂

        @Raymond: I’m sure Neutral will wait for you (and me) to get caught up. As for me, I challenge you to a race! To the end of season 2! 😀

  6. 4.February.2011 10:23 pm

    True enough, it pays to pay close attention to everything: the words they say, the actions they do, even the way passersby walk. Really.

    216 is entitled “Peter”. I guess you know that already.

    And I wonder how you knew that it is a 2-part finale? Shame on you, you are looking at spoilers! Shame! Haha!

    Please don’t read spoilers. Grrr. Season 2 is a thrilling season. Promeeeeese!

    • 4.February.2011 10:49 pm

      😀 I only know of the two-part finale because I often look at the episode list at the site where I download TV episodes (I read the titles, but I never look at the episode descriptions). And yes, because of the episode list, I also know that 216 is entitled Peter.

      Oh, trust me, I don’t like to be spoiled. I’d never forgive myself, even when I unintentionally get spoiled. I never look at Fringe websites or whatever. When I see post titles containing semi-spoilers, I ignore them and try to block the idea from penetrating my brain.

      Speaking of passersby, the Observer! He really is in every episode, no? Absolute coolness. 🙂

      • 4.February.2011 11:43 pm

        I fell asleep while I was on the second to the last episode of season one. Shame.

      • 5.February.2011 2:09 am

        Tsk tsk. That’s when things start to go into overdrive! Try to keep up, mate! 😀

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