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The Wait (A Scene)


The Wait
A Scene

The bell tolls.




Me. In the park. To meet someone.

My eyes roam.

I see.

The heat.

A sea of green.


No one that matters.

I am early.

I look at my left wrist. My watch is MIA.

In my rush to get here, I must have forgotten to put it on.

I look up.

The sun shines bright.

It knows to do nothing else.

The clouds are bountiful.



Smooth as silk.

A perfect day to be out.

My skin welcomes the sun’s piercing heat.

Bearable thanks to the shade offered by the many trees in this place.

The wind blows.

Its warmth soothes my spirit.

I wait.

I look around for a bench to sit on.

Six benches—each comfortably seats four.

A family of four.

Eats ice cream.

The little boy and girl in sugary bliss.

A couple in their early twenties.

With eyes and bodies only for each other.

Completely oblivious of their surroundings.

A group of friends.

Rowdy and rude.

Like mosquito larvae unable to sit still.

Two men.

Smoke their lungs to death.

They occupy the whole bench like they own it.

A beggar.

Putrid and in tattered clothes.

Tries to sleep hunger away.

Two teen-aged girls.

Talk in hushed tones.

In a language entirely their own.

I sit with them.

An exchange of glimpses.

A smile. Two smiles. Three.


I turn my head to see children playing.

My eyes find no toys—only the simple joys of young hearts and minds.

Their pearly whites sparkle in the light of the sun.

Their positive energy infects everyone around them.

I smile.


The family heads home, hopefully in time for dinner.

The couple is off to fornicate.

The group of friends roll on the grass, off to God-knows-where.

The two men leave, affectionately holding each other’s hands.

The beggar asks me for alms, I give him spare change.

The two girls kiss passionately, as if they were alone.

Frenchy. Tongues alternating down each other’s throat.

My chance for a threesome goes out the window.

I wait.

Innumerable people walk by.

A man wearing a black shirt with gray stripes and a silver tie.

In a hurry—his feet and legs in an upbeat cadence.

A woman wearing nothing, at least to my eyes.

Her voluptuous body.

A delectable dish I desperately want to devour.

A big, muscular, bald guy.

With eyebrows, a mustache, and a beard. And lots of tattoos.


More Koreans.

A child hand in hand with his grandmother.

His right hand holds three balloons.




Countless people sit on the benches.

Some wait.

Some simply pass the time.

At length, they all get up and leave.


I begin to worry about her.

A text.

She must deal with something urgent.

I wait.

My mind wanders to an alternate universe.

Where pigs fly among the clouds.

Where dogs hate to play fetch.

Where people go out to space.

To talk to departed loved ones.

Forced to live on a different plane of reality.

Where the common cold does not exist.

Where the sky is purple.

Where Earth has nine moons.

Where love between two people is celebrated.

Regardless of their gender, race, or creed.



Says a familiar voice.




I turn my head.

My eyes take in the sight of her as if it was the first time I beheld her.

I stand up.

I move closer.

I open my arms to receive her.

A hug.

Absolute silence.

As I look deep into her eyes.

I lean in.

Our lips softly meet.

A gentle kiss.

My soul envelops hers.

I hold out my hand.

A touch.

I hold her hand in mine.

A vow to keep her safe from every conceivable threat.


We leave.


A step.

The bell tolls.






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  1. 15.February.2011 11:14 am

    GOOD MORNING JEDO! Wala kong maccoment na maayos e. :))

  2. 15.February.2011 1:26 pm

    Go UP!

  3. 17.February.2011 11:52 pm

    Landeh! hahahahahaha.

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