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This Week in TV #2


The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business




Survivor: Redemption Island

This week in TV—Numero Dos.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business (AR‘s 18th season)

Episode 2: I Never Looked So Foolish in My Whole Entire Life

My thoughts while/after watching this episode:

—What’s with the artistic detour? I mean, it looked way too easy. It was certainly easy enough that Amanda and Kris managed to complete both tasks without burning a whole lot of time. Oh well. That’s how to waste a “big twist” to start the season. On a different note, I do feel for them. Imagine, getting eliminated because of the U-Turn not once, but twice! I’m sorry they had to go so soon (mostly because that’s one less babe on the show heehee).

—I am now a huge fan of father-and-son team Mel and Mike. I admire them for slugging it out with the younger, more athletic teams, and being such a nice, gentlemanly team in a game where being cutthroat is the norm (they picked up Margie’s kangaroo suit shoe and gave it to her as she was tracing her steps looking for it when all the other teams decided not to help).

—Apparently, the two father-and-daughter teams this season can’t work together.

—Right on, Phil! Way to sneak in a little compliment to the hot girls when you got the chance.

—Is this season’s Mallory the weirdest, most hyper Mal we’ve ever seen or what?

—Way to go Zev and Justin… followed by the Globetrotters, coming in second. And waaay to go cowboys! Going from last to third, baby!

Quotable Quote

Justin: We caught up with Kisha and Jen, we were started Googling

Zev: That sounds very dirty.

» Currently in its 4th season

Episode 17: Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil

Let me start by saying that Chuck really is the type of show that you’ll be better off watching while eating or doing something else, like ironing, washing the dishes, or even while getting a little cardio on your treadmill or favorite exercise machine—because it really doesn’t take a lot of one’s attention (or brain function, for that matter) to appreciate this show and keep tabs on what’s happening to who, who’s up to what, or whatever. Being productive while watching an episode of Chuck is the closest you can get to feeling satisfied with what you just did (when the episode ends).

Say, for example, while watching this particular episode, I was able to eat a full meal, dessert, and then I did some ironing, as the show progressed and ended. Even if my eyes weren’t on the screen the entire time, I still didn’t miss a beat. It’s all just forced comedy (though occasionally hilarious, I admit), spy stuff, the good guys up against the bad guys, the Buy More, and of course, the geeks and the weirdos.

Oh, right, this week’s episode. I am happy to report that no, there is no new Intersect (thankfully). Instead, we got to see a “how to make a Volkoff” episode with “Chuck and Sarah wedding stuff” and “Morgan finding a new place to live in” subplots. Seriously. And I believe this is just part one of “how to make a Volkoff”, since the next episode will most likely show us Vivian finding out more about her father (through her father’s lawyer) and how she ultimately becomes the successor to Alexei’s position as overlord of Volkoff Industries—that is, after she raises it from the ground up.

Quick Questions

Where in the world is Chuck and Ellie’s mom, M.E. “Frost” Bartowski? What the hell is happening in Castle? And still no clue as to what Casey’s new mission/project entails and who his new teammates are in said mission.

» Currently in its 7th season

Episode 14: Recession Proof

After last week’s totally entertaining episode followed by a really intense teaser, I wasn’t at all expecting that Recession Proof would offer so many things in terms of plot and character development.

In this episode, apart from the case, we got to see:

—Taub and Foreman’s friendship encounter some bumps but gets a lot stronger;

—Chase and Masters’ brother-sister relationship grows as they begin to respect each other as colleagues;

—House and Cuddy’s relationship reaches new heights, even though House is still being himself, i.e., a complete ass;

—Masters starts to become a “real” doctor, as she slowly realizes the value of lying to patients, though this time she was a little too late; and,

—House realizing and admitting to Cuddy (probably only because he was drunk at the time) that he loves her and that he’d rather be happy and in love with her than be miserable and alone while saving everyone who needs saving.

Quotable Quote

A drunk House (to Cuddy): If I had to choose between saving everyone or loving you, being happy—I choose you. I choose being happy with you. I will always choose you. Heheh! My head’s on your vagina.

» Finished its 3rd season

In purgatory (not canceled or renewed yet).

» Currently in its 8th season

Episode 17: One Last Score

YES! That’s more like it. Though not the most exciting, ground-breaking NCIS episode, One Last Score is nonetheless a couple of notches above last week’s episode. This time we had plot development, a brand-new character (the bodacious blonde, Special Agent Erica Jane “EJ” Barrett from NCIS Rota, Spain), and a little tease—what with Vance operating under a veil of secrecy while shaking things up at the NCIS Main Office, and all the voltage between Tony and the new girl, Barrett. Suffice it to say that NCIS is back on track and I can’t wait to see the next episode. Oh, and this is a Michael Weatherly-directed episode, so, way to go Tony! I mean, Michael! 😀

One Last Score is a must-see episode and should be watched more than once, because a lot is unfolding before our very eyes, all at the same time. So, I will leave it to you to watch it (if you haven’t already) or to see it again, because there are things that you must’ve missed—not that I’m saying you’re inattentive or anything like that.

Quotable Quote

(Tony is babbling about The Getaway—the 1972 one— as Gibbs is getting ready to leave)

(Gibbs head slaps DiNozzo as he mentions that EJ likes to take a shower before she goes home)

(Gibbs heads to the elevator)

Gibbs (to Tony, just before the elevator doors close): Hey! Did you hear me?

I’m thinking Gibbs intended that head slap to mean a resounding Rule #12 (Never date a co-worker).  Well, because he knows Tony so well that he knows what he’s thinking about doing—as relates to EJ Barrett.

Quick Questions

Just what exactly is Vance up to? Shaking up the office is one thing, but making changes to Team Gibbs without Gibbs’ consent? That’s just plain wrong, though that was one of the first things he did when he first became NCIS director. What actually happened between Tony and EJ? Also, why so fast to get from acquaintance to hooking up in the shower to whatever it was that happened next? Did Vance have Barrett transferred from Rota to run an operation that relates to Gibbs and his team? Did she and Tony kiss, and if so, did it lead to something more, like sex, or what? Oh, and whatever happened to McGee’s date with Maxine, aka Max Destructo from Kill Screen (episode 16)?

» Finished its 2nd season

In purgatory (not canceled or renewed yet).

» Survivor‘s 22nd season

Episode 3: Keep Hope Alive

Every TV episode has three parts: beginning, middle, and end. And if it weren’t for this episode’s beginning and end, it would’ve been one of the worst episodes of Survivor ever.

Beginning: in the first 14 minutes of this episode, we finally learn how the Redemption Island duels go down—the challenge happens in the Redemption Island Arena on the third day of every cycle (Day 6, 9, 12…), two members each from Ometepe and Zapatera, either unanimously or randomly (by drawing stones from a bag) selected, get to watch the showdown.

Middle: a little strategy, a reused immunity/reward challenge (3-person wheel water challenge and puzzle), and Boston Rob getting the first hidden immunity idol clue on their side of the game.

End: in the last 14 minutes of this episode, we got to see some more strategy, a little scrambling, and an intense, suspense-filled Tribal, ending with Russell getting sent to Redemption Island and meeting a surprised Matt.

Zapatera’s tight six is one cohesive unit that I would like to see get to the merge intact. I knew they had it in them to pull a power move this early in the game. Russell’s first time getting voted out came with being the first voted out of his tribe. Imagine that.

I am now a huge fan of Julie. Playing it totally cool while leading Russell and his nymphs to believe that she’d actually flip, and then in tribal—looking into the eyes of the tribe minority while smiling, and then giving Russell the nod, when in fact, she and the rest of Zapatera were on their way to send him to Redemption Island? Sweet. Way to go, momma!

Now the wait begins for Episode 4, to see if Blonde Surfer Kid can beat The Evil One when they go head-to-head for the right to occupy Redemption Island.

Quotable Quote

Not a quote this time, but a priceless moment: Stephanie and Russell’s reactions when Jeff revealed the three-way tie at Tribal was such an awesome sight to behold, I had to see it over and over and over again. All the while I was pumping my fists and screaming at the monitor: “Yeah! Take that (expletive)!”

And when Jeff revealed the fourth vote for Russell during the re-vote, which sent him out of the tribe, I couldn’t stop smiling. Now let’s wait and see if Russell can survive alone on Redemption Island and if he’ll be able to be the first castaway to return to the game via Redemption Island.

» Currently in its 1st season

On hiatus. Returns April 7th.

» Currently in its 3rd season

One-week break.

» Currently in its 3rd season

One-week break.

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