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This Week in TV #4


The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business



Survivor: Redemption Island


This week in TV—Numero Cuatro.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business (AR‘s 18th season)

Episode 4: This is the Most Stupid Day Ever

My thoughts while/after watching this episode:

—WTF was with Kent and Vyxsin’s PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)? Kind of awkward coming from Goths, don’t you think? And how quickly they went from perky to panicky to crying wrecks was priceless. Real funny stuff.

—Whoa whoa whoa. Did anyone else notice that Jaime and Cara were walking with Zev and Justin at the airport? More interestingly, though it was just a split second, I’m certain I saw Cara bump into Justin in an affectionate way. Hmm. Is romance brewing in AR yet again or am I just reading into it way too much?

—When Mal finished her zodiac display and told Luke that the signs are supposed to be in some sort of order (though I don’t know how they were able to communicate), I thought that was really sweet of her.

—Man, I actually forgot that Gary and Mal have the Express Pass. If they hadn’t mentioned it this episode I would’ve never remembered.

—There we go. The Globetrotters got Ron and Christina back. See, Flight Time and Big Easy are good guys. Some other cutthroat team would’ve never stopped the bus, especially if they saw another team trying to catch up.

—Oh my goodness. The Globetrotters at the Make Zodiac Wish portion: hilarious!!! I laughed my ass off on that one. I mean, seriously? Two times on the race and you still don’t know how to properly read a clue?

—Wow. Being in China with communication problems and racing in a high altitude place catching your breath all day long is bad enough, and then Phil tells you to keep racing at the supposed pit stop? Goodness gracious me. This season is tough.

—Just when we thought everything was going to be fine for the Goths, we find out that Kent left his fanny pack in the gondola. Vyxsin got it right at the start of the leg: this has to be the most stupid (Stupidest?) day she and Kent have ever had.

Quotable Quotes

Flight Time (to Big Easy): We’re going to China, dawg. Lord have mercy.

* * *

Jaime: Horn or Hammer?

Cara: Let’s do the Horn.

Jaime: Okay, let’s do the Horn.

Cara: You any good with that?

(Ladies, I don’t care if you’re any good with a horn or not, you’re more than welcome to “do” my horn any time of the day.)

» Currently in its 4th season

Episode 18: Chuck vs. the A-Team

Haha, very funny opening scene. For a second there, I actually thought that maybe Morgan did get captured by bad guys and was being tortured for information, well, at least until the interrogator started to speak. Even with the scrambler it was obviously Casey. His tone and speech pattern gave it away.

Then again, Chuck did mention Final Fantasy. I think this is the first time a game I actually played and loved to play was mentioned on a TV show. Nice.

Finally! We found out who Casey’s new team members are: former Gretas Old Spice Guy and Stacy Keibler. But, really? Well, with Stacy, you certainly won’t hear complaints coming from me, but Old Spice Guy? What was I thinking, expecting some high profile guest stars as Casey’s subordinates. On the bright side, it is nice to see Stacy Keibler again—I was one of many Chucksters that demanded that she be made a recurring character or that she make another guest appearance at least. Besides, the last time we saw her she was knocked out by Hugo Panzer (Stone Cold Steve Austin) and we never found out what became of her until now. Good thing she’s still alive and kicking (with those long, sultry legs of hers).

And then the big reveal: the Gretas are actually agents undergoing tests to determine their compatibility with the Intersect and Capts. Richard and Victoria have successfully uploaded the Intersect into their brains. So that’s why the episodes have been verging on unbearably dull all this time! The writers have been holding out on us. Bravo. Brilliant. You have successfully shocked me for the first time this season. Although I wished it were Summer Glau instead of Old Spice Guy. Think about that for a second: Stacy and Summer on your spy team. *drool*

But what’s incredibly bizarre is that the top two Gretas have been de-Intersected before the episode even ended. There goes the shock value of that reveal and off we go on to other plotlines for the remainder of this season (all three episodes left). What a waste. The Greta Project presented us with a plethora of possibilities.

Looks like were going to see a lot of the Volkoffs pretty soon.

Quick Questions

With just three episodes left this season, are you buying into the fact that Chuck‘s production staff and main cast are optimistic about being renewed by NBC for a fifth season? And if Chuck is renewed, factor in the title of the season finale—vs. the Wedding Planner—are you thinking what I’m thinking, that Season 5 will kick off with Chuck and Sarah in wedded bliss, and then the writers will play out the rest of the season a la Mr. & Mrs. Smith?

» Currently in its 7th season

Episode 16: Out of the Chute

What to say… ah! Everything about this episode—EXCEPT the Huddy stuff—is so awesome, you have to see it twice. From House’s newfound freedom spent frolicking with hookers and enlisting their help in coming up with hilarious shenanigans, the booze, being back on Vicodin, and reconnecting with his inner child (see this episode’s last scene), to more development in Masters’ character, to the most Wilson we’ve seen in a single episode since the Wilson-centric episode; Out of the Chute is made of the stuff that makes House worth watching seven seasons deep. There, that should suffice.

Quotable Quote

House: I thought you loved those eight seconds.

Lane: I do. And now you’re telling me that I gotta give them up. I can always find something else to love.

(House deep in introspection as Cuddy interrupts, as always)

» Currently in its 8th season

On break. Returns next week.

» Survivor‘s 22nd season

Episode 5: We Hate Our Tribe

My thoughts while/after watching this episode:

Survivor fanatics know that the worst sin a castaway can make in this game is becoming complacent and falling into a false sense of security. That’s the one error you can’t afford to make if you’re to get to the end and have a chance at the million. So, with the Zapatera six feeling really good right now, that can’t be good for them in the long haul. Russell’s girls are still in the game, and so long as they are, they’re a threat.

—Redemption Island duel took place on Day 12, so does this mean we’re back to having the duel on the last day of every three-day cycle? Did they just postpone it for a day last time because Russell was in the duel?

—Matt is on a roll. He’s got a firm grip on Redemption Island, and it’ll take a really tough competitor to get him out of there.

—Great retort, Boston Rob! It really does take more than just one person’s vote to get someone out. Still, nice try, Jeff. Do give it a go next time the opportunity comes up.

—Oh my. The shower scene at the rocks with the three Ometepe girls—Ashley, Natalie, and Andrea—was very revealing, if you catch my drift. HINT: ‘cameltoe’ and ‘Ashley’. :mrgreen:

From that point on, this was a pretty generic episode. Omatepe won the challenge, you know, so that they won’t get their numbers too low before the merge, and then Krista went home, which was pretty obvious early in the episode because she’s been getting a lot of interview time (which happened for the first time since the start of this season).

Quick Questions

What’s up with the intros the last few episodes? They’re all shortened versions. I miss seeing the actual, full length one. What do you think of Redemption Island so far? It has certainly made Survivor that much more interesting, IMO, but when we don’t get to see what’s happening over there—you know, the interaction between the two castaways before they duel—we’re missing half of what makes Redemption Island such a great addition to the game.

» Currently in its 1st season

On hiatus. Returns April 7th.

» Currently in its 3rd season

Two-week break.

» Currently in its 3rd season

Episode 17: Stowaway

I can say for certain that Stowaway pleased the millions of Fringe fanatics all over the world—because this episode, my friends, is one for the record books.

Number One: we now know that Anna Torv can take on three characters in a single show. I wonder if we’re going to see a scene where Bolivia/Altlivia/Fauxlivia talks to Olivia as she switches from her real self to Bell’s and vice versa. Okay, this probably won’t happen, especially with what happened at the end of this episode—we see that Bell’s consciousness/soul might not be able to last in Olivia’s body as long as he thought it would initially. Or did the church bell just trigger a momentary switch between souls?

Number Two: with Bell in Olivia’s body for the majority of the episode, we got to see the most Walter and Bell banter ever—that, and Bell making Astrid uneasy, pushing Peter’s buttons, doing a splendid performance acting as FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, and the hilarious her/him confusion, even (and especially) from Peter.

Number Three: We got see the Lincoln Lee “over here” for the first time. I just couldn’t help but feel the irony of it, that when the Fringe team first met Lincoln, it was when Olivia stepped out, so to speak. I hope she gets to meet him real soon—I can’t wait to see how Olivia reacts to him (after all, she has worked with the Lincoln Lee from over there).

Oh, and this episode also dealt with the topic of fate/destiny, which we Fringe fans know resonates with Peter and his part in determining the fate of both universes.

All that certainly makes for compelling and entertaining TV—especially on a weekend.

Quick Question

Which actor do the writers/producers have in mind to act as William Bell’s host? Or have they cast him/her already? Odds are it’s going to be a guy, but man, I can’t wait to find out!

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