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Survey Sunday: How would you like to die?



Polls/surveys will now be posted here on Thread of Truth on Sundays, at least once a month—depending on whether or not I’m in the mood to dish out surveys more frequently, or if I encounter a really interesting question that I would like for all of us to answer.

Without further ado, welcome to the inaugural installment of Survey Sunday!

* * *

If there was a single, supreme, ruthless reality that we all must face, it is the certainty of death.

Every moment that passes, we are reminded that time goes on and on (and on), and that there’s just no turning back; it’s a raging river that knows to go only one direction—forward. For this reason, we go through life conscious of the fact, and when we encounter several roadblocks, we either go over, under, around, or through them, and then we move forward—on to the next challenge—until we reach the end of our individual paths.

There’s just no use beating around the bush on this one: mortality is the greatest truth no one can escape—it is the one thing that completely encompasses all living beings, and we humans, regardless of our color, shape, and size, are bound to it.

Consequently, the only question left in one’s mind is, HOW? How would I die? How would I like to die? Here, of course, the how would cover the when and where—two, equally important questions that we would want to have even a semblance of control over (and that the braver members of all humanity would surely like to find out ahead of time)—and, of course—and perhaps most importantly—the manner through which one’s life would come to its end.

If I had any say in it—as you can also see here (the Proust Questionnaire I filled out three days ago)—I’d prefer to either: a) die quickly and alone (meaning, without a loved one seeing me die), or, because of my penchant for the dramatic and my messianic complex, b) die saving someone else’s life. See how I purposely avoided giving a detailed answer? That’s me. I don’t really care how I go out, only that either (or both) conditions are met.

Now, I know that some, perhaps most of you, would rather not think about, much less answer this question, but this is my way of challenging you to talk about a taboo subject like death. Not that I’m obsessed with death, just a few days after I celebrated my 24th birthday, but this is such an intriguing question, and I think our answers to it reveals a lot about who we are and how we view life on the whole.

Oh, and I’m also kind of excited to find out your preferred way of kicking the bucket. I’m anticipating the answers to run the gamut from battling a debilitating disease (though I don’t really expect anyone to want to die like that), to falling into a gigantic wood chipper, to getting eaten alive by a shark, to falling off the edge of a cliff—but I’m getting way ahead of myself.

So, let’s have it. How would you like to go out?

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  1. 12.April.2011 6:09 am

    I would like to die with peace in mind. I would like to die with goodness in my heart. I would like to die with nothing but joy. There is nothing to be feared of. Death is not the end of us.

    • 12.April.2011 5:51 pm

      I, too, believe that there really should be nothing to be feared about death. But, to some, maybe most people, that’s easier said than done. Thanks for liking and answering, mate.

  2. mochafrappe permalink
    25.April.2011 11:04 am

    Pana-panahon lang ‘yan, pag oras mo na, go ka na..! hehe.. ;p

    I guess I would rather die in an accident, that way it would hurt less, because I won’t see my family and friends see me see them in pain.

  3. 3.May.2011 1:40 am

    Hey! I remember asking this on one of my blogposts!! Hahaha!

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