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Hello and welcome to Thread of Truth (ToT)!

For simplicity’s sake and to save you precious time, I will spare you from reading a lengthy introduction. Instead, here are a few things you might want to know.

—ToT was initially intended simply as a personal journal of the author. But because of several considerations, the author has decided to publish through this blog not just his thoughts, creative stories, as well as narratives of his personal experiences, but also his initial reactions to other blogs, articles, various events—past, present, and forthcoming—and his comments on diverse topics, in the hope of sparking discussions which could lead to a better understanding of things (for the benefit of both himself and the readers of ToT).

—ToT’s highest aim is to encourage its readers to write and speak the truth, and, at the very least, to provide a sanctuary free from dishonesty, misconduct, and bigotry.

—ToT seeks to shatter social convention, and, in turn, advocate the telling of the truth, for there can be no community if an individual is not as good as his or her word.

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